Boone Trace Project

Gateway to the West - Daniel Boone Leading Settlers Through the Cumberland Gap, 1775

By Nationally Acclaimed Artist:  H. David Wright

David Wright's internationally recognized works hang in numerous collections, as well as in the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia and the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. 

David's commissioned painting for Cumberland Gap National Historic Park, titled Gateway to the West - Daniel Boone Leading the Settlers Through the Cumberland Gap, 1775 has been made into a breathtaking wall-size mural that is on display at the Cumberland Gap Visitor's Center.


Our Mission

The Boone Society has engaged in a project to identify, restore and preserve the trail blazed in 1775 by Daniel Boone, who was then an agent for the Transylvania Company.  This famous road was used by thousands of settlers traveling to Kentucky. The Boone Trace entered Kentucky at Cumberland Gap, crossed the Cumberland River at Pineville, ran northwest past London, and ended at Fort Boonesborough.

 "This pathway is the main artery to a new nation" and Daniel Boone's leading those first settlers into the wilderness of western expansion launched that movement. He is recognized the world over for his accomplishments.  We should protect and preserve this important segment of American history.


Kentucky - The Unbridled Spirit - The Boone Trace

Following the Footsteps of Daniel Boone - Explore the Boone Trace